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– Improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin
– Improves microcirculation
– Improves cellular metabolism
– Improves the nutrition and oxygenation of tissues
– Detoxifies tissues
– Improves the contours of your face
– Improves acne and vascular skin
– Reduces cellulite



What is Ultrasounds Treatment?


With the help of this treatment, you can optimise the skin’s active substances. During the procedure, cells become more permeable, which helps to improve cellular metabolism and respiration. In the deeper parts of the skin, ultrasounds works on the body in a biostimulative way, and improves microcirculation and lymph flow. The treatment is antiedematous and helps to reduce inflammation. It promotes the stimulation of fibroblasts which improves collagen synthesis in the dermis, and the acidic pH is increased within the skin tissue. Treatments with ultrasounds improve the structure of the skin, rebuild collagen and elastin, assists the regeneration of vascular skin and acne, improves facial contours, and reduces the signs of cellulite.



Recommended for:

– Signs of aging and sun damage to the skin
– Wrinkles
– Loss of firmness
– Tired skin
– Smoker’s skin
– Discoloration
– Vascular skin
– Acne and rosacea
– Cellulite



Not recommended for:

– Pregnancy
– Pacemakers and other metal parts in the body
– Cancer – up to 5 years after cure
– Viral, bacterial, fungal infections
– Herpes
– Thyroid disease
– Fever
– Osteoporosis
– Atherosclerosis



The frequency and number of treatments in the series depends on skin condition and client’s expectations. This is typically done by 6 – 12 treatments weekly.


Series of 3 treatments – 5% discount
Series of 6 treatments – 7.5% discount
Series of 10 treatments – 10% discount

The treatment includes: make-up removal, cavitation peeling, sessions with ultrasounds, mask and cream at the end.

Results of our treatments*:

*Results may vary from person to person, original photos from our treatments, copyright Biospheric

Our Customers reviews from our Facebook Page:

      I had oxybrasion + sonophoresis done, and am really pleased - my face looks brighter and my broken veins diminished. It was very relaxing, Marta talk me through everything and gave advice on how to look after my skin, and recommended products she uses. She also offered free advice, so she will answer any questions I may have in future. It was definitely worth the time and money.

    thumb Agnieszka Witos

      Marta is amazing! I have been coming here since she opened and will never go anywhere else! She takes exceptional care and pride in her work and is a joy to hang out with! Couldn't recommend her more!!

    thumb Debbie Vavangas

      Great place and unique athosphere. Marta provides professional care and the highest standards of service to a customer. You can fully rely on her knowledge and if you are there you are in the best hands you could ever be. Thank you once again!

    thumb Fit Nightingale

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