Thermolysis - spider veins removal

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Immediately after the procedure, skin peeling may occur and scabs may form; these will heal within a few days. They must not be scraped as this can lead to scarring.
Care after surgery
– Use of UVA, UVB and IR filters
– Protection against cold, frost and rapid temperature changes
– Avoid overheating of the skin, e.g. sauna, solarium
– Vitamin supplements: K, PP, C, B2
– Use appropriate household care products


*Results may vary from person to person

What is Thermolysis?


Thermolysis, including the blend method of combining thermolysis and electrolysis, uses high frequency and direct current.
It uses a thin probe which is gently inserted into the blood vessel, which then passes an electrical current directly to the thread vein or blood spot being treated. The current causes water molecules around the treatment area to vibrate resulting in the production of heat. The heat coagulates, or stops, the blood supply, which weakens and eventually destroys the vessel wall; this is then absorbed by the body.
Broken blood vessels, or “teleangiectasia”, can appear on the face, neck and décolleté, thighs, calves, feet, and hands. It is one of the most common skin complaints, and can occur independently of sex and age.
Popped vessels include capillaries, fine arteries, and veins. Teleangiectasia from the arteries are small and red, while those from the venous capillaries are larger and violet-blue.

How to prepare for surgery

– Before the procedure, please book a consultation at the salon
– Do not sunbathe and do not scrub your skin – this includes chemical and mechanical scrubs, microdermabrasion, and depilatory hair removal
– Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before the procedure
– For at least 2 weeks before the procedure, photo-sensitising herbs and salicylic acid drugs can not be used.
– 24 hours before the treatment you should drink plenty of water to hydrate the body

Not recommended for:

– Pregnancy
– Blood coagulation disorders
– Diabetes
– A Pacemaker
– Implants / metal parts
– Keloids
– The use of anticoagulants, antibiotics
– Epilepsy
– Eczema / psoriasis at the site of the procedure
– Cancer (chemotherapy)
– Surgical operations / aesthetic medicine
– Heart / circulatory problems
– Skin damage
– Signs
– Inflammation, fever
– Rosacea
– Retinoid therapy
– Active infections: bacterial (such as infectious impetigo), fungal, viral (herpes, warts, infectious mollusc)


How much treatment is needed and when will the effects be visible?

Small vessels usually require only 1-3 treatments; larger or open vessels will require longer treatments. The effects of closing the vessels are visible immediately after the procedure, but the healing process lasts from 5 days to 3 weeks. Treatment can be done at any time of the year.


Series of 3 treatments – 5% discount
Series of 6 treatments – 7.5% discount
Series of 10 treatments – 10% discount

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