Phonophoresis - Pain Reduction Treatment

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Phonophoresis – Pain Reduction Treatment

– Analgesic and anti-inflammatory
– Reduces muscle tension
– Dilates blood vessels, improving blood supply to soft tissue
– Increases the permeability of cell membranes and accelerates the absorption of tissue (improving of the transport of oxygen and nutrients, metabolism, and cell respiration)
– Repairs and regenerates damaged soft tissues and bone tissue
– Stimulates chemical reactions within the body (creating and activating the biologically active compounds, and triggering histamine)
– The beneficial effect of phonophoresis is used to support medications that use ultrasound, to better transport active ingredients to deeper skin tissues.
– Increases connective tissue and bone

What is Phonophoresis?

Ultrasound uses acoustic waves that the human ear can not hear, as the wave frequency is above 20 kHz. Continuous or pulsed mechanical vibrations at the right level of power generate ultrasonic waves within the transducer device used. This combines longitudinal mechanical waves, which can be felt as a form of micro-massage of the tissue, resulting in a warming effect and biochemical changes. The ultrasound energy supplied warms soft tissues resulting in vasodilation, alteration of nerve conduction, and muscle relaxation, amongst other benefits. Another important benefit of sonication is physical and chemical changes within the tissue which affects the biochemistry by improving cell respiration, pH balance, and accelerates the synthesis of collagen. Ultrasound can penetrate to a depth of 8 cm.

Recommended for:

– Inflammation of the joints and surrounding periarticular
– Post-traumatic soft tissue and bone (fracture, sprain, strain)
– Osteoarthritis (peripheral joints, the joints of the spine)
– Back, elbow, knee or ankle pain
– Neuralgia
– Pain in the muscles
– Spurs calcaneus
– Hallux

Not recommended for:

– Active cancer and recent recovery
– Acute inflammation and fever
– Severe heart disease and cardiovascular (arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis)
– Neuralgia that is unexplained
– Epilepsy
– Neurosis
– Pregnancy
– Incomplete bone growth (children and adolescents)
– Lesions in the course of infectious diseases
– Signs on the skin
– Metal implants (pacemakers)
– Allergy drug


10 treatments are usually prescribed, performed daily. The procedure requires a comfortable position and exposure of the area of the body being treated. The treatment is applied to the head and generates ultrasonic waves on the affected region.


Series of 3 treatments – 5% discount
Series of 6 treatments – 7.5% discount
Series of 10 – 15 treatments – 10% discount

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