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– Improves the colour and tone of skin
– Oxygenates the skin
– Reduces the number of blackheads
– Reduces of superficial wrinkles
– Lightens discolorations, including age spots
– Reduces seborrhea
– Encourages the stimulation of hair follicles
– Shallows and reduces the visibility of scars

What is Oxybrasion?

Oxybrasion does not cause any side effects. The treatment consists of the intense exfoliation of dead skin cells with a simultaneous application of oxygen and the flow of saline. Oxygen is used to stimulate the rebuilding of collagen fibers and capillaries. Cold used in the treatment strengthens the capillary walls and soothes redness. The skin is bombarded with fragmented compressed oxygen contained in drops of saline, which is dispersed on the surface of the skin causing friction; however, it does not irritate the skin and is therefore recommended for people with skin redness and particularly sensitive skin. It relieves inflammation very effectively, moisturises and softens the skin. Oxybrasion works very well in the regeneration of hair follicles during hair loss treatments, and can gradually reduce the visibility of scars.

Recommended for:

– Peeling the body
– Scars
– Blackheads
– Seborrhea or dry skin
– Skin capillaries, sensitive and prone to irritation
– Scars and keloids
– Staining and discoloration
– Skin damage caused by sun
– Spots
– Stretch marks
– Loose skin
– Rough skin
– Atopic dermatitis of the skin
– Psoriasis

Not recommended during:

– Fever
– Fresh scars
– Sinusitis, colds
– Bacterial infection
– Fungal infection
– Erosions
– Skin cancer and signs of different kinds
– Anti-acne therapy – 3 month break required
– Surgery done to the face – 2 month break required


Excellent results are visible after just 1 treatment, and it is recommended before an important date or event. It is recommended that a series of 3-10 treatments performed once a week.


Series of 3 treatments – 5% discount
Series of 6 treatments – 7.5% discount
Series of 10 – 15 treatments – 10% discount

The treatment includes oxybrasion and lotion at the end.

Results of our treatments*:

*Results may vary from person to person, original photos from our treatments, copyright Biospheric

Our Customers reviews from our Facebook Page:

      I visited Marta for a LVL lash lift, she was brilliant in helping recommend what level of lift to go for and gave options for what colour I'd like my lashes tinted. Very professional and I'll definitely be back soon. �

    thumb Rebecca Williams

      Professional, attention to detail, sincere and just adorable, Marta is a fabulous therapist that I cannot recommend her enough ! People, please do book something, I am personally addicted to the facials, just glowing after. Well done Marta xxxx

    thumb Fizz Jay Sams

      I had oxybrasion + sonophoresis done, and am really pleased - my face looks brighter and my broken veins diminished. It was very relaxing, Marta talk me through everything and gave advice on how to look after my skin, and recommended products she uses. She also offered free advice, so she will answer any questions I may have in future. It was definitely worth the time and money.

    thumb Agnieszka Witos

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